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Abhasa Rehabilitation Center – Karjat

Situated on two acres of verdant grounds, this unique wellness resort offers evidence-based and holistic treatments in a tranquil environment.
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About Abhasa Rehabilitation Center – Karjat

Abhasa Rehabilitation and Wellness is a luxurious holistic rehabilitation center set in the peaceful foothills of Lonavala in Karjat, Mumbai. Spread across 2 acres of lush greenery, Abhasa’s tranquil atmosphere and comprehensive care make it a one-of-a-kind wellness resort. Abhasa’s mission is to provide compassionate and tailored care for clients struggling with addiction and mental health issues. In 2023, Abhasa was presented with the Indian Health Professionals Award for Best Rehabilitation and Wellness Home.

Personalized And Comprehensive Care

At Abhasa, each client’s individual history and circumstances are taken into account to craft personalized treatment plans that leverage evidence-based, holistic, and alternative therapies. Dietary modifications, nature walks, and meditation are some of the activities used to enhance recovery, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy. The personalized care plans make each client’s treatment plan unique and tailored to their specific needs, from detox to aftercare.

Diverse Range of Therapies And Treatments

Clients have access to a wide variety of treatments and therapies at Abhasa, including canine therapy, art and music therapy, horticultural therapy, massage therapy, family counseling, eye movement therapy (EMDR), and more. The 5 friendly therapy dogs provide companionship and entertainment, while other activities such as treks, fishing, bird watch, and bicycling get clients moving and connecting with their therapist. A spa and yoga sessions offer meditative and relaxing experiences, while art, music, and pottery give more options for clients to express themselves and heal.

Recover in a Comfortable And Restorative Environment

In Karjat, 62 km from Mumbai, clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature with the tranquil and picturesque surroundings, as well as the chance to visit temples. Abhasa’s up-scale lodgings have modern amenities, and clients can enjoy private or semi-private rooms with weekly housekeeping services. Daily activities include sound therapy, yoga, and physical fitness, and the spa and massage services offer ways to relax and wind down.

Abhasa Rehabilitation and Wellness is a one-of-a-kind wellness resort that provides unparalleled amenities in an environment of serenity, comfort, and healing.

Insurance Accepted

Provider’s Policy:Abhasa Rehabilitation Center – Karjat will contact your insurance provider to learn more about your benefits and how you are covered. Their Treatment Advisors will share all your insurance benefit information with you in simple language so you can understand exactly what your coverage includes.

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Abhasa Rehabilitation Center – Karjat

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Abhasa Rehabilitation Center – Karjat

by calling their admissions team directly or clicking the button to visit their website to learn more.

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