Rehabs in Malibu

As an independent resource, we list each center that matches our luxury criteria, so those looking for the best treatment have a comprehensive list of options.

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 Malibu Rehabs

Beachside Teen Treatment Center

Depression  Co-Occurring Disorders  Adolescents
At Beachside Teen Treatment Center, we provide a calming, tranquil atmosphere for adolescents aged 12-17, as well as top-notch recovery services and a safe haven. ...More

Center for Professional Recovery

At the Center for Professional Recovery (CPR), we specialize in providing high-quality, evidence-based, holistic treatment for professionals only. Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to helping every individual reach their full potential. ...More

The Canyon Malibu

The Canyon at Peace Park encompasses 120 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, yet it is close enough to access the Malibu beaches. ...More

Beach House Treatment Center

Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Chronic Pain Management
At The Beach House Treatment Center, we specialize in providing exceptional treatment for addiction, chronic pain, and trauma in a secluded and luxurious setting. ...More

Gratitude Recovery

Sober Living  Mindfulness Therapy
Located in beautiful Malibu, California, Gratitude Recovery is a luxurious sober living home that offers Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and mindfulness therapy for adults. ...More

Lifesync Detox

Life Sync is an esteemed detox facility situated on a 2.3 acre gated estate with breathtaking ocean views and opulent private accommodations. ...More

Journey Malibu

Nestled amid the stunning canyon scenery of Malibu, Journey Malibu offers a soothing and luxurious experience to its clients through a comprehensive array of therapeutic treatments. ...More

Malibu Hills

Alcohol  Co-Occurring Disorders
Malibu Hills provides a range of treatments and a non-12-step approach to recovery for adults, all set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and the tranquil seaside. ...More

Malibu Beach Sober Living

At Malibu Beach, we offer comprehensive and individualized treatment for substance abuse and addiction in a sober living environment. Our holistic approach to healing focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. ...More

Pacific Teen Treatment

Depression  Anxiety  Adolescents
Pacific Teen specializes in issues specifically pertaining to today's teens, providing a nurturing and personalized atmosphere to fulfill the needs of teenagers and their families. ...More

Milestones Ranch

Situated on a 120-acre private ranch is a cozy home that provides healing, restoration, and recovery for those seeking it. ...More

Prominence Treatment

Prominence Treatment Center, located in the tranquil hills of Malibu, California, offers private rooms with an extra fee. The facility is now closed. ...More

Promises Treatment Center

Promises provides personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains for an exceptional recovery experience. ...More

The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center

Alcohol  Trauma  Burnout  Anxiety  Opioids  Stress  Chronic Pain Management  Prescription Drugs
This ultra-private center offers highly individualized, 5:1 staff ratio treatment programs catering to chronic pain, LGTBQ+-affirming care, and tranquil ocean views. ...More

Amend Treatment

Depression  Trauma  Anxiety  Bipolar  LGBTQ+  Wellness
At Amend, we provide an eclectic, holistic approach to mental health treatment with the ultimate goal of helping individuals achieve recovery. Our services begin in a stunning, artist-designed home situated close to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. ...More

SOBA Recovery Center

At SOBA, we are passionate about providing personalized, one-on-one therapy sessions with renowned therapists, so that our clients can experience life-changing recovery. ...More

Serenity Malibu

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Opioids  Cocaine
A residential treatment center that offers holistic care with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, not affiliated with 12-Step programs. ...More

The Meadows Malibu

Alcohol  Trauma  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders  Professionals
Striving to help individuals heal from addiction and trauma, our private home-like facility offers stunning ocean views and a comprehensive array of neurofeedback and holistic therapies. ...More

Avalon Malibu

Co-Occurring Disorders
Boasting both breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast and comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment, Avalon Malibu is an ideal destination for those seeking healing and recovery. ...More

Summit Malibu

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders
Summit Malibu, owner-operated and situated on 5 acres with a stunning view of the Pacific Coast, provides up to 80 hours of therapy per client per month. ...More

Sunset Malibu

At Sunset Malibu, we provide top-notch treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in a luxurious setting, complemented by stunning sunsets. ...More

Visions Adolescent Treatment

Trauma  Drug Addiction  Bipolar  Adolescents  Eating Disorders
Visions, situated on 25 acres of gated and picturesque grounds, specializes in providing the best possible care to adolescents aged between 13 and 18. ...More

Paradigm Teen & Young Adults Treatment

Depression  Personality Disorders  Anxiety  Bipolar  Adolescents  Young Adults
Paradigm Teen Treatment is a residential rehabilitation center focused on providing quality care to adolescents and young adults (ages 12-26) who are struggling with mental health issues. ...More

Seasons in Malibu

Depression  Trauma  1-on-1 Counseling  Drug Addiction  Executives  Co-Occurring Disorders  Bipolar  Professionals
Seasons in Malibu, with its multiple locations in the Malibu area, provides specialized treatment for mental health conditions and addiction, led by certified experts. ...More

Rise in Malibu

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders  Detox  Personalized Treatment
The Ocean View Luxury Treatment Center in Malibu is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a 5-star rated experience. Our breathtaking ocean views and private ensuite rooms, coupled with our 1-1 doctorate-level therapy sessions, will ensure you get the highest quality care. ...More

Cliffside Malibu

Alcohol  Trauma  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders  Opioids  Detox  Family Therapy  Cocaine
Personalized addiction and mental health treatment provides deep, evidence-based healing in a luxurious and private home environment, free from the distractions of everyday life. ...More

ReWild Medicine

Retreat  Wellness
A holistic program utilizing ketamine-assisted ecotherapy to treat clients with depression, anxiety, and alcohol addiction through a retreat-like experience. ...More

Oceanside Malibu

Executives  Co-Occurring Disorders  Chronic Relapse
Oceanside Malibu, situated on Malibu Beach, features six bedrooms and four outdoor lounges for recovering addicts. Our rehabilitative facility provides personalized treatment plans to ensure each individual’s successful recovery. ...More

Access Malibu

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders
At our center in Southern California, we provide detox and residential treatment for people struggling with addictions and co-occurring disorders. ...More

Plus by APN Malibu

Depression  Trauma
By combining Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, ketamine-assisted healing, brain mapping, physical fitness, and neurofeedback strategies, individuals can effectively promote mental health and well-being. ...More