Best Rehabs that Provide Treatment for Personalized Treatment

As an independent resource, we list each center that matches our luxury criteria, so those looking for the best treatment in Florida have a comprehensive list of options.

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Personalized Treatment Rehabs


Personalized Treatment  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Trauma  Burnout  Codependency  Stress
At [COMPANY NAME], we offer a comprehensive approach to addressing addiction, trauma, and mental health, combining experienced professionals and scientifically-proven treatments. Our goal is to provide personalized and holistic care that helps our clients achieve lasting recovery and wellbeing. ...More

4 Seasons Detox

Medication-Assisted Treatment  Personalized Treatment  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders
Our residential addiction program offers personalized plans in a distraction-free setting, complete with private lodging and hotel-like amenities. ...More

Bear River Health

Twelve Step  Evidence-Based  Holistic  Personalized Treatment  Drug Addiction
A secure and private treatment center in northern Lower Michigan, dedicated to providing a patient-centered approach to care with multiple levels of service. ...More

Betty Ford Center San Diego

Intensive Outpatient Program  Personalized Treatment  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders
At our outpatient rehab facility, we provide weekday and weeknight programs, varying levels of care, and virtual options to support those struggling with mental health and sobriety issues. ...More

Betty Ford Center Naples

Personalized Treatment  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Co-Occurring Disorders  Older Adults
At our facility, we provide personalized, evidence-based care that is tailored to our clients' unique needs. Our gender-specific condominiums provide the perfect living environment, along with inpatient, outpatient, and sober living options. ...More


Yoga  One Client at a Time  Personalized Treatment  Drug Addiction  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Stress  Executive Program
Raindrum offers a personalized, evidence-based approach to therapy, delivered exclusively and privately to one individual in a luxurious home setting by a highly experienced team. ...More

Den Rooy Clinics

Personalized Treatment  Drug Addiction  Depression  Burnout
Recovery in a tranquil, secluded environment tailored to treating addiction, burnout, and depression through individualized one-on-one and group counseling. ...More

Crownview Co-Occurring Institute

Personalized Treatment
A psychiatric treatment center specializing in trauma-informed care and treating both mental health disorders and co-occurring substance misuse issues at all levels of severity. ...More

Flagler Health and Wellness

Holistic  Detox  Individual Treatment  Personalized Treatment  Drug Addiction
At our private, holistic treatment center in West Palm Beach, we provide customized treatment plans to meet the individual needs of each patient. ...More

First City Recovery Center

Evidence-Based  Holistic  Personalized Treatment  Drug Addiction
The Indiana Addiction Treatment Center provides personalized and comprehensive treatment plans for people of all ages. ...More
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