Top Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Thailand

It’s Time for Rehab has compiled an unbiased list of the best Thailand rehabs to treat alcohol and drug addiction, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis. Scroll down to find the center that’s right for you.


 Thailand Rehabs

Horizon Rehab Center

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
Treating addiction and mental health issues that occur together is best done through medical care, detox, wellness services, and evidence-based therapies such as group and individual therapy. ...More

DARA Thailand

Co-Occurring Disorders
Perched atop the bluffs of Koh Chang, DARA offers a serene and rustic atmosphere combined with a top-notch, cost-effective, and comprehensive package. Enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean while you experience all the best the island has to offer. ...More

Clarity Thailand

Co-Occurring Disorders
At Clarity Thailand, we offer discreet luxury treatment from experienced psychologists with a holistic approach that combines clinically proven methods to meet your individual needs. Unfortunately, we are currently closed temporarily. ...More

Flow Recovery Retreat

Mindfulness Therapy  Sober Living  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Treatment Programs  Therapy Options
At Flow Recovery, we provide an unmatched sober living experience that combines the principles of positive psychology with enriching activities in close proximity to some of Thailand's most beautiful beaches. ...More

The Cabin

Trauma-Specific Therapy  Therapeutic Community  Residential  Intensive Inpatient  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Professionals  Gender-specific groups  Treatment Programs  Therapy Options
The Northern mountainside of Thailand is home to an innovative, mission-oriented treatment center specializing in addiction and trauma recovery. ...More

*Closed* The Beach Rehab

Trauma  Burnout  Co-Occurring Disorders  Stress
Nestled between the sea and the mountains, The Beach Rehab offers highly personalized and advanced treatment options that empower clients to reach their full potential. ...More


Wellness  Burnout  Weight Loss  Anxiety  Stress  Therapy Options
At this award-winning wellness retreat, you can find holistic health solutions that can help with anxiety, burnout, stress, weight loss, and more. ...More

Lanna Rehab

Located in the rural rice paddies of northern Thailand, Lanna offers a personalized rehabilitation program at an affordable price. Its experienced team of staff specialize in providing the highest quality of care to ensure its clients have the best chance of recovery. ...More

Jintara Wellness Center and Rehab

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Prescription Drugs  Substance Abuse
At our boutique wellness center, we provide a unique and beautiful tropical setting for people struggling with addiction to receive professional non-12-Step based treatment. ...More

Miracles Asia VIP Treatment

One to One  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Treatment Programs
Our high-end villas provide exclusive, one-on-one treatment for elite clients, offering the highest levels of privacy and discretion, as well as a dedicated concierge service. ...More

Inspire Center

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
The Inspire Center is an internationally-renowned, American-style rehabilitation center based in Thailand that employs a holistic, non-12-Step approach to addiction treatment. ...More

The Hills Rehab Chiang Mai

Opioids  Detox  Alcohol  Prescription Drugs  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Burnout  Co-Occurring Disorders  Gaming  Treatment Programs  Therapy Options
One of Thailand's most highly-regarded rehabilitation centres, equipped with qualified medical personnel, a permanent psychiatrist, and luxurious 5-star lodgings, is licensed and ready to provide services. ...More

The Beekeeper House

Wellness  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Prescription Drugs  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Burnout  Co-Occurring Disorders  Anxiety  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Therapy Options
Nestled in the lush forests of Thailand, our bespoke treatment center offers an immersive, resort-like environment where evidence-based methods blend with ancient eastern philosophy to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing. ...More

The Calm

Sober Living  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Treatment Programs
Set in Chiang Mai, a city known for its cultural richness, The Calm offers a secure and sober living environment complete with individual treatments and exciting weekend trips. ...More

180 Sanctuary At PuriPai Villa

Wellness  Drug Addiction  Depression  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Personality Disorders  Anxiety  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Therapy Options
180 Sanctuary is a luxurious, award-winning rehabilitation center situated in the beautiful mountainous region of Northern Thailand. With its tranquil atmosphere and experienced staff, clients can rest assured that they are receiving the best care available. ...More

The Next Step

Sober Living  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Chronic Relapse  Treatment Programs
The Next Step provides clients with the flexibility of sober living and clinical care of treatment to help them live and experience recovery. ...More

The Edge Rehab

Co-Occurring Disorders  Young Adults
The Edge, a luxury residential rehab centre situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers specialised treatment for substance abuse and behavioural issues in young men. ...More

The Diamond Rehab Thailand

Executives  Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Chronic Relapse  Treatment Programs
Nestled between majestic mountains and the stunning Andaman Ocean, The Diamond Rehab Thailand offers an idyllic retreat for those seeking a luxury rehabilitation experience. Surrounded by tranquil beauty and peaceful serenity, this is the perfect place for healing and renewal. ...More

The River Rehab

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse
The River Rehab is a 5-star luxury residential rehab that temporarily closed. Its 12 week Signature Program is a full 12 Step experience, designed to give clients the necessary foundation for permanent recovery. ...More

Yatra Centre

Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
The facility provides specialized and personalized treatment plans backed by research to clients who are struggling with their mental health. ...More

Miracles Asia

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Cocaine  Prescription Drugs  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Sex Addiction
At the Island Treatment Centre, we provide 5-star hospitality and personalized treatment for substance use, behavioural addictions, and co-occurring mental health issues — all in a relaxing tropical island setting. ...More

Holina Rehab

Wellness  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Depression  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Sex Addiction  Executive Program  Therapy Options
The Recovery Gem provides a holistic approach to healing addiction and mental health through a combination of Eastern and Western techniques in stunning, ocean-view bungalows. ...More


Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Young Adults
The PARC in Phuket is a discreet, private and polite 12 Step Rehab that caters exclusively to those with addiction issues. Situated in a tropical paradise, it allows for a peaceful recovery experience. ...More

Siam Rehab

Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse
At Siam Rehab, we offer an affordable, yet luxurious program that combines the best of both Eastern and Western therapies. Our high-quality, effective approach includes both group and individual sessions to ensure you get the most out of your recovery. Get the care you deserve today and find your path towards sobriety. ...More

Sahwan International Rehabilitation Centre

1-on-1 Counseling  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Therapy Options
At our facility, we provide a comprehensive residential and detox program for adults, young adults, and executives, combining luxury amenities with holistic care. Our services include yoga, massage, and equine therapy to help you achieve your wellness goals. ...More

The Better Life Place

Holistic  Executives  One to One  Alcohol  Cocaine  Prescription Drugs  Depression  Substance Abuse  Burnout  Treatment Programs
A center operated by a family providing tailored and individualized care, with the option of virtual or in-person services. ...More

Absolute Sanctuary

Weight Loss  Stress
At Absolute Sanctuary, we provide a 12-day program for adults that focuses on holistic wellness and treatment. ...More

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