Top Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in South Africa

It’s Time for Rehab has compiled an unbiased list of the best South Africa rehabs to treat alcohol and drug addiction, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis. Scroll down to find the center that’s right for you.


 South Africa Rehabs

Cherrywood House

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse
Capetown's coastal setting provides the perfect backdrop for a 30-day residential rehab programme for adults, nestled on an idyllic garden campus. ...More

Clearview Clinic

Equine Therapy  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Adolescents  Therapy Options
Adolescents and adults struggling with dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction can receive targeted treatment at a private retreat nestled in a tropical setting. ...More

Compass Treatment Centre

Executives  Professionals  Young Adults  Chronic Relapse  Treatment Programs
At Compass Treatment Centre in Sedgefield, South Africa, we believe in blending fun activities like water sports into our clients' addiction treatment plans for a more engaging and effective experience. ...More

Crossroads Recovery

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Gambling  Eating Disorders  Sex Addiction
At our private rehab facility, we provide tailored solutions for substance use disorder, sex addiction, gambling, and eating disorder recovery in a stunning tropical setting. ...More

Eden Recovery Centre

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
At Eden Recovery Centre, we provide essential addiction treatment with an all-encompassing approach in a calm, homely setting. ...More

Healing Wings

Sober Living  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Treatment Programs
A residence in South Africa providing a luxurious environment with the support required to sustain long-term sobriety is offered by a sober living home. ...More

Houghton House

Detox  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Depression  Substance Abuse  Anxiety  Treatment Programs
Houghton House, located in Randburg, provides adults with a 12-step treatment approach and recreation therapy. ...More

Rebirth Wellness Safari

Trauma  Anxiety
Experience 10 days of relaxation and rejuvenation while exploring the wonders of Africa. Our retreat focuses on emotional health and well-being, offering 5-Star accommodations and excursions such as African safaris and boat rides through the breathtaking Okavango Delta. ...More

Palm Tree Clinic

Depression  Trauma  Personality Disorders  Anxiety  Bipolar
At our boutique facility, we provide expert multidisciplinary care for mental health disorders and addiction. Our holistic treatment approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, designed to promote lasting healing and well-being. ...More

Sandhurst Manor

Couples Counseling  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Professionals  Family Involvement  Executive Program  Therapy Options
Our upscale home offers a supportive community focused on promoting recovery, personal growth, and fresh starts. ...More

PRC Recovery

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Gambling  Eating Disorders
A rehabilitation center that combines treatment for both mental health and substance abuse issues and is based on 12-Step principles offers three inpatient programs that vary from 21 to 90 days. ...More

Oasis Recovery Centre

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Eating Disorders
The Oasis Centre truly lives up to its name, as it offers a promising combination of addiction treatment services and a stunning beachside location. ...More

Riverview Manor

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse
Situated in the rolling hills of the Southern Drakensberg, a residential rehab center specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. ...More

Stepping Stones Rehab Centre

This renowned center situated in the picturesque seaside village of Cape Town is renowned for its outstanding treatment, drawing in clients from all over the globe. ...More

Rustenburg Addiction Care

Depression  Co-Occurring Disorders  Anxiety
Rustenburg Addiction Care provides a comprehensive primary care program in a tranquil and therapeutic environment at Rustenburg Country Estate. ...More

Step Away Treatment Centre

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Codependency
A drug and alcohol treatment center situated in a tranquil countryside setting with stunning views of the sea. ...More

The Living House

Sober Living  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Treatment Programs
Our sober living program provides a multi-step approach to recovery, along with professional coaching, in the stunning setting of a tropical paradise. ...More

The Birchwood

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
"Our extended care addiction recovery facility offers a unique blend of humanistic psychology and narrative therapy in a comfortable setting. Our goal is to promote healthier choices and assist individuals in their journey to recovery." ...More

The Haven

Alcohol  Heroin  Substance Abuse
Situated close to the beach, The Haven is a rural residence that provides a comprehensive and 12-Step program for adults striving for recovery. ...More

The Way Recovery

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Gambling
Recovery at The Way is centered around a therapeutic 12-Step community, offering medical detox, residential care, and a sober living home. ...More

Cedars South Coast Estate

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
Our 12-Step program, combined with engaging wellness activities in a tranquil setting, helps to ensure both privacy and quality care for all our clients. ...More

Twin Rivers Rehab

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Heroin  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders  Gambling  Codependency
At Twin Rivers Rehab, we focus on fostering community and mutual support in a warm and inviting home-like environment. Our 12-Step based program takes advantage of the exceptional outdoor amenities Plettenberg Bay has to offer. ...More

Recovery Centre White River

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
The Recovery Centre White River, located in the beautiful Lowveld of South Africa, provides a tranquil setting for those looking to break free from addiction. Our 12-Step facilitation program and various therapeutic activities are specifically designed to give our patients the best chance for successful recovery. ...More

ZwavelStream Clinic

Depression  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Anxiety  Bipolar
The Bronberg mountain range in South Africa boasts a psychiatric hospital that provides holistic treatment for people with co-occurring mental health disorders. ...More

White River Manor

Wellness  Executives  Depression  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Anxiety  Treatment Programs  Therapy Options
Nestled in the quaint town of White River, the White River Manor Wellness Centre offers five-star executive addiction treatment in a picturesque lodge setting. ...More

Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Depression  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Professionals
At Journey Recovery & Wellness Centre, we provide an exclusive and luxurious rehabilitation experience, offering compassionate care in a warm, family-oriented atmosphere. ...More

Anker Huis

Individual Treatment  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Cocaine  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Professionals  Treatment Programs
At our luxury estate, our boutique residential program offers personalized treatment to help uncover the underlying cause of addiction. ...More

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