Top Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Mississippi

It’s Time for Rehab has compiled an unbiased list of the best Mississippi rehabs to treat alcohol and drug addiction, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis. Scroll down to find the center that’s right for you.
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 Mississippi Rehabs

Bridge to Recovery

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Gender-specific groups
Our outpatient treatment center specializes in providing gender-specific intensive programs tailored to adults seeking treatment for substance abuse. ...More

Defining Wellness Centers

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
A campus that offers cutting-edge therapies, health-promoting activities, and trauma-informed care is available. ...More

Extra Mile Recovery

Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Men only  Chronic Relapse
Extra Mile Recovery, located on 10 acres of rustic cabins, offers a comprehensive 12-Step and Holistic approach to support men in their pursuit of recovery. ...More

Integrative Life Center Oxford

Intensive Outpatient Program  Holistic  Co-Occurring Disorders  Young Adults  Treatment Programs
The Oxford, Mississippi area offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues, with a specialized focus on college students. ...More

Millcreek of Pontotoc

Depression  Co-Occurring Disorders  Suicidality  Adolescents  Young Adults
Millcreek of Pontotoc is a specialized campus providing care and treatments for adolescents, teens, and young adults (ages 6-20) with behavioral and mental health issues. ...More

Pine Grove Women’s Center

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders
The Pine Grove Women's Center provides support and treatment for substance abuse, trauma, and eating disorder issues in an environment of tranquility and isolation. ...More

Pine Grove Legacy

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Older Adults
The Pine Grove Legacy Program offers specialized dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment to adults who are 55 years and older. ...More

Pine Grove Next Step

Alcohol  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
The Next Step treatment program at Pine Grove is a comprehensive, exclusively male drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in a tranquil, secluded spot in Mississippi. ...More

The Estate at River Bend

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The Estate at River Bend, situated on 108 acres of woodlands, provides nature-based therapy, trauma integration, and a 12-step process to help individuals gain a secure foundation in their recovery. ...More

Vertava Health Mississippi

Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Co-Occurring Disorders
A residential facility offering specialized care for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues in a comfortable, hotel-style environment. ...More

Oxford Treatment Center

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  Detox  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Methamphetamine  Substance Abuse  Trauma  Co-Occurring Disorders  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Pregnant Women  Treatment Programs
Our lakeside campus offers personalized, evidence-based treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders, utilizing alternative therapies to bring about comprehensive healing. ...More

Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center

Adolescents  Children
A residential program providing mental health and behavioral treatments for children and adolescents aged 6-21. ...More

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

DBT  Trauma  Anxiety  Adolescents  Therapy Options
Stonewater Adolescent Recovery is a specialized treatment center that provides comprehensive care for adolescents aged 12 to 18. Located on a stunning family-owned 62-acre property near a lake, this dual diagnosis facility offers the highest quality of care for those in need. ...More

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Evidence-Based  Alcohol  Drug Addiction  Substance Abuse  Therapy Options
At our family-run center, we provide evidence-based therapies for individuals struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol in an inviting and personalized atmosphere designed to feel like home. ...More

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Rehabs in Mississippi for Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for mental health and addiction treatment centers in Mississippi, It’s Time For Rehab is the premier resource for reliable and comprehensive information. We understand that the journey to recovery can be overwhelming, which is why our platform features a vast directory of rehab centers and mental health treatment facilities in Mississippi, catering to diverse treatment preferences and individual needs.

Mississippi, a state located in the southern United States, is known for its rich history, warm climate, and friendly communities. Rehab centers in Mississippi offer various outdoor activities and experiential therapies, such as fishing, boating, and nature walks, to take advantage of the state’s natural surroundings. For more information on available activities, visit each center’s website or profile page.

At a rehab center in Mississippi, a typical day consists of various therapy sessions, complementary activities, and leisure time. Clients can enjoy nutritious meals, attend group therapy sessions, engage in individual therapy sessions, and participate in educational or support groups.

To ensure that a rehab center is nationally accredited, you can consult national organizations like The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Many rehab centers accept insurance, and you can find the accepted insurance providers on the center’s website or by contacting their admissions team.

Mississippi is an ideal location for addiction and mental health treatment, offering a diverse environment and climate suitable for outdoor activities such as fishing and boating. Rehab centers in Mississippi also provide unique experiential therapies like art therapy, meditation, sound therapy, and acupuncture.

Rehabs in Mississippi may be licensed by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and accredited by national organizations like The Joint Commission or CARF. Mississippi rehabs emphasize holistic and non-12-Step therapies, attracting clients from across the state, country, and around the world, including exclusive and celebrity clientele.

While Mississippi is an exceptional location for treatment, you can also explore other top rehab destinations globally to find the best location for your needs.

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Mental Health Treatment: A Focus on Wellness

Mental health treatment is an essential component of overall well-being, particularly for those struggling with mental health disorders. It’s crucial to seek professional help from a licensed mental health provider who can assess your individual needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. It’s Time For Rehab offers a vast directory of mental health treatment facilities in Mississippi, making it easy to find the perfect mental health provider for your needs.

Detox: The First Step Towards Recovery

Detoxification is the initial step towards recovery, involving the elimination of all traces of drugs or alcohol from your body. Professional support and guidance are crucial for ensuring a safe and successful detox. At It’s Time For Rehab, we feature a variety of detox centers in Mississippi to choose from, each offering individualized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.

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Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs: Flexible Treatment Options

Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment options provide more adaptable treatment choices for those with work or family commitments they cannot postpone for an extended period. Our platform includes a variety of OP and IOP centers in Mississippi, offering evidence-based treatment programs suitable for many individuals.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Daytime Treatment with Support

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a treatment program that combines the support and structure of residential care with the flexibility of outpatient care. At It’s Time For Rehab, we have a variety of PHP centers in Mississippi to choose from, each offering individualized treatment plans to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Residential Treatment: Round-the-Clock Support and Structure

Residential rehab is the most intensive form of treatment, providing round-the-clock support and structure for those struggling with addiction. It involves residing at a rehab center for a set duration, typically ranging from 30-90 days, and participating in various therapies and activities. At It’s Time For Rehab, we offer a selection of residential rehab centers in Mississippi to choose from, each providing evidence-based treatment programs tailored to your individual needs.

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Inpatient Treatment: Constant Support and Structure

Psychotherapy concept. Depressed guy at counselor's office, seeking professional help with mental disorder. Professional psychologist having session with desperate male patient

Inpatient rehab in Mississippi offers comprehensive 24/7 care for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, as well as other mental health conditions. These programs provide a residential setting where clients live on-site and receive treatment, including therapy sessions, complementary activities, and leisure time. Inpatient rehab is particularly beneficial for clients who require higher levels of treatment and support. Many rehab centers in Mississippi are licensed by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and accredited by national organizations such as The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Overall, inpatient rehab in Mississippi offers an ideal healing environment for those seeking recovery.

Sober Living: A Step Towards Independence

Sober living homes in Mississippi provide a supportive living environment for individuals who have completed residential rehab and are ready for the next step towards independence. At It’s Time For Rehab, we offer various sober living options in Mississippi, each featuring individualized programs that encourage long-term recovery.

Different Types of Facilities in Mississippi

We understand that each person’s needs are unique, which is why we offer a range of rehab facilities and mental health treatment centers in Mississippi. Our options include Medicare/Medicaid, private, luxury, and remote treatment center choices.

Affordable Treatment Options: Medicare/Medicaid Rehab Centers

Medicare/Medicaid rehab centers offer affordable treatment options for those who cannot afford private rehab or mental health treatment. These centers provide evidence-based treatment programs covered by insurance, making them accessible to many individuals.

Customized Treatment Plans: Private Rehab Centers

Private rehab centers deliver more personalized care with customized treatment plans tailored to each person’s specific needs. These centers often have a higher staff-to-patient ratio, allowing for more individual attention and care. Additionally, private rehab centers typically offer more amenities and services than Medicare/Medicaid centers, including private rooms, gourmet meals, and alternative therapies.

Biloxi, Mississippi, View On The Beach

High-End Amenities: Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury rehab centers offer a lavish environment with upscale amenities and services to promote comfort and relaxation during the recovery process. These centers often feature private rooms, gourmet meals, spa services, and a range of alternative therapies such as yoga and meditation. Although these centers may be more expensive, they provide a luxurious experience that can make the recovery process more enjoyable

Virtual Treatment Options: Remote Treatment Centers

Remote treatment centers offer virtual treatment options, allowing patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes. This is an excellent option for those who cannot attend in-person treatment due to work, family, or location constraints. Remote treatment options often include virtual therapy sessions and online support groups.

Why Choose It’s Time For Rehab?

With a wide range of rehab centers and mental health treatment facilities in Mississippi, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. At It’s Time For Rehab, we provide a comprehensive directory of rehab centers and mental health treatment facilities in Mississippi. Our user-friendly platform allows you to filter facilities by location and treatment options, offering detailed information about each center, including their treatment philosophy, amenities, and services provided.

We understand that seeking help for addiction or mental health issues can be sensitive and personal, which is why we prioritize privacy and confidentiality. Our platform is free to use, and we do not require any personal information or registration to access our directory. We are committed to providing you with the resources you need to begin your journey towards recovery. Our goal is to connect you with the most suitable treatment facility that aligns with your specific needs and preferences, increasing your chances of success in the recovery process.

At It’s Time For Rehab, we understand that finding the perfect treatment center can be a daunting task. Our platform streamlines the process by offering a comprehensive directory of rehab centers and mental health treatment facilities in Mississippi. By providing detailed information about each center and allowing you to filter facilities by location and treatment options, we make it easier to find the ideal treatment center for your unique situation.

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